Define Delayed Gratification- One Minute with Jay

As we define delayed gratification I immediately think about reaching financial goals. Jim Rohn speaks about a fundamental difference between the wealthy and the not so wealthy.

What is it?

The ability to delay gratification.

This is a key because you cannot just get a fortune overnight, or have the perfect salary, or the perfect body (zero percent body fat, baby oiled glistening abs that you can bounce quarters off of. Maybe I’m only talking for myself :)) It takes time, it is a process and the wealthy learn to set long term goals.

The strategy is planning for the long game. What will it take to save 10K, 20K, 50K? You may say to me “But hold on I don’t make alot of money Jay. I don’t know what type of checks you get but I’m on a fixed income. I have bills.” I hear you. So do I. But if you take your goal and break it up over 5 years it may suddenly become more manageable and easier to save towards it each paycheck.

Delayed gratification isn’t a forever thing, it’s temporary, it’s a building process, it creates high tolerance and patience in the process, it qualifies you and gives staying power (because you had to work for it, you won’t give up as easily in tough times).


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You can change your mind- You do not have to be unhappy

In this video Dr. Joe Dispenza discusses the why behind being unhappy and what can be done to change it. I really like this because he demonstrates that you can change your mind and you do not have to be unhappy.

There is a very interesting piece about how there is a refractory period.

Basically there is period where a mood changes into your temperament. If you stay attached to that emotion too long, it then changes from temperament into your actual personality.

One way to shorten this period is through meditation.

If you have been experiencing a bad mood for way too long, this is worth watching.

Let me know what you think.


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Remove the obstacles- Use this- One Minute with Jay

Your creativity will be responsible to remove the obstacles you are facing.

This power called creativity flows through you all you have to do is tap in.

Now you may be thinking, “nooo I’m not even close to being creative. I’m not an artist, I can’t even draw stick figures man.”

But have you ever solved a problem that troubled you? I mean even a small one.

Of course you have! You solve problems everyday…that is creativity. And it will be this same resource, the same way of thinking that will remove whatever faces you.

You do not need to know how it will exactly happen, just know that it will through tapping into that imagination of yours.

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Failure leads success- One Minute with Jay

My biggest failure or at least one of my biggest failures is why I believe that failure leads success. A pain point of my life is the lack of role modeling or mentoring I gave my little brother.

While we grew up in the same household I set the best example that I could, going to work while in high school, running my own grass cutting business and spending time trying to teach him right from wrong.

I tried to be a father figure, stand in the gap but he resented my advice that I would give.

I went to college and had to hear how he escalated from graffiti to worse crimes, eventually disappearing for a year. Then we received a call, “the call.” “Are you willing to accept a call from___?”

He was in jail.

I spent so time studying, working on campus, internships.

I instantly felt like I failed my little brother.

I could have spent more time with him, even if he didn’t want to hear my mouth. I could have encouraged him more, been an ear to help keep him from the streets.

Mind you I was only a kid myself, with my own baggage but I could have done more. This regret in part fuels my desire to mentor. I learned that sometimes the people that don’t want to be mentored are the one’s that need it the most.

Part of mission is to reach as many people as possible & break their negative thinking. What failures have created your success or are creating your success?

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Advance life-Advance Vision- One in the same

You could take the phrase advance life, advance vision, switch them around and still have the same meaning.


Because they are one in the same. You cannot have one without the other. So if you want to advance your life then need a compelling vision that pulls you out of bed in the morning.

Part of that vision is focusing on things you can change. You cannot change the economy, the president, the old lady that decides to drive 5 miles per hour on a one lane road while you’re driving to work (I’m not talking from experience or anything :)).

But you can change how you react to the things that seem to be working against you.

The economy won’t bother you as much if you say to yourself “hey it fluctuates like everything else, how I invest my money is what matters.”

The unemployment rate could be low but what matters is who/how many people/employers you connect with.

This is all apart of vision.

Then there’s whole picture thinking. Try not to get caught up in one piece of your vision so narrowly that you lose sight of the whole enchilada.

You may want a higher position or just a different job and work hard waiting to get noticed. Or you interview but nothing has changed YET. Don’t allow that to stall you. If your goal is to get a new job…focus on that.

There are many ways to get it if that is what you really want. Maybe it’s time to apply outside of your current job, aka a new place.

Look at the whole picture. What haven’t you done yet? You can only think like this once you agree to avoid the narrow mindset.

Avoid, avoid, abort.

I hope this helps, my friends.


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Stop self limiting beliefs- One minute with Jay

The title of today’s post is stop self limiting beliefs for one reason:

We all have something that when we are on the verge of trying something new or exciting it speaks “You don’t have what it takes.” When was the last time you heard that voice? How often do you hear that voice?

This may be a voice of your own construction. A voice you created to hold yourself back so you can rest in the comfort of whatever box seemed reasonable.

Now this isn’t a bad thing. We all want to be comfortable and if that was a goal you set for yourself (which you met) then I applaud you.

But what if the ceiling of that box is stifling you? What if your unhappiness is a result of what you believe about yourself?

Then you owe it to your future to change the narrative inside of your head.

I have a student that told me he wants to own a business. I then asked him do you believe that you can have a business? He says “Ummm yea but I’m a kid and don’t have business school training, they ain’t taught me that yet.”

I asked who in the heck are they? He responds “You know, the teachers and stuff.” I told him that if he is waiting on a teacher to give him the keys to his business then he will be waiting the rest of his life.

And that is a problem we all face. We create a limit and then try to find outside evidence in our lives to support why the limit is there.

Listen, they ain’t stopping you. Only you have the power to stop you.

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Shield yourself from negative people- One Minute with Jay

There are just some folks that if I see them coming down the hall, street, aisle, wherever, I will turn and walk in the opposite direction. I mean power walk right out of there. This is because you have to shield yourself from negative people.

People that are ALWAYS upset or complaining about something no matter how small, even after you try to make them realize the good in their situation…Yup…them. You cannot save them, if they do want to be saved.

You cannot force better on them or in some cases even have a rational conversation. This is unfortunate but it is so true.

Negative people will suck your energy, life, youth (or what’s left of it) and then move on to the next unsuspecting warm body like an adult mosquito in the middle of June. I avoid at all costs but if the person is someone that you cannot easily cut out of your life then there are some steps you can take to lessen the impact of the this persons’ energy.

  1. Get positive people around you through elimination

Now this seems easier said than done but engagement is everything. What you engage in will determine what type of people you have around you. Whenever Negative Nancy or Sad Sam comes moping your way engage them less. You can do this by not getting excited when they tell you today’s new horror story.

Once Sad Sam realizes that you aren’t as into the conversation as you used to be he will have to move on. This leaves room for more positive buddies to meet you.

I’ve done this multiple times to weed out the energy drainers in my own life. Simply put, if you have been stuck in the same problems from 1997 I may not be the right friend for you. Sorry, life is too short.

2. Understanding their point of view

I find that a negative person’s view on most things is either based on being afraid of the worst or being afraid of not being loved. If this is the case then maybe you can minimize the negativity by reminding the person that what they are experiencing is fear. Which is natural but allowing it to control or stop you is not.

If you can find a common ground or point of reference this may give you enough to help refocus the other person’s perspective (even if it’s only temporarily).

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Improving self worth- One Minute with Jay

Improving self worth develops the ultimate confidence in yourself. This is not a matter of conceit or belittling those around you in order to feel superior.

It is a conviction that you will attract the right situations, people, circumstances because you are in the right head space.

Because you are aware of how valuable, how precious you are. Everyone cannot afford your price. Some people will not have the emotional maturity to be/interact/hang with you.

No maturity equals no currency, equals “boy bye” or “girl bye.” Once your standards match your self worth, then the magic of attraction can begin.

You attract what you are. Be what you want to attract.

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You cannot serve two masters- Part 2

Here is You cannot serve two masters- Part 2 as promised. I hope that this video inspires positive action and helps you live at your best.

If you have watched the video, I would like to be clear on one thing. I am in no way speaking against having prosperity or growing economically.

That would be silly. We need resources to live and thrive. I have bills to pay and a family to support just like you.

All I am saying is to beware of greed. Pay attention to the choices you make to earn money and do not allow the money to earn you.

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