Power Posture- Quick way to boost Confidence

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For the longest time I thought that a power pose was some kind of yogi-bent over awkwardly-hands behind the back-clasping thingy you did to get more flexible. But power posture is actually a way to quickly change our self confidence. Body language changes how the …

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Learning through problems- The purpose of problems

The purpose of your problems hits you in a few different levels. Level 1 is the introduction of direction. You are lead down a path that you normally would not choose. Forced to take action. Level 2 is the test. The test is designed to …

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How to get/use inspiration

How to get/use inspiration? Look no further than the geniuses that came before.

Follow the breadcrumbs of others and improve their design. Make it your own.

This happens all the time in the tech field. Remember flip phones? We are FARRR from that now. FaceTime, email, internet. I can even edit my videos from my phone.

If it wasn’t for the flip phone there wouldn’t be the IPhone. Without the brick phone we would have never seen the flip phone. Each generation building, inspired by the last invention.

Where are the breadcrumbs leading you? Also, for a related post on how we need each other to be successful click here.

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Power small wins- Celebrate the small victories- One Minute with Jay

After talking on the phone and then sitting face to face with a workout buddy of mine last week, I realized that I had to write about how to power small wind and why you should celebrate the small victories. I could hear her voice …

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Improving self worth- One Minute with Jay

Improving self worth develops the ultimate confidence in yourself. This is not a matter of conceit or belittling those around you in order to feel superior.

It is a conviction that you will attract the right situations, people, circumstances because you are in the right head space.

Because you are aware of how valuable, how precious you are. Everyone cannot afford your price. Some people will not have the emotional maturity to be/interact/hang with you.

No maturity equals no currency, equals “boy bye” or “girl bye.” Once your standards match your self worth, then the magic of attraction can begin.

You attract what you are. Be what you want to attract.

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