Power Posture- Quick way to boost Confidence

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For the longest time I thought that a power pose was some kind of yogi-bent over awkwardly-hands behind the back-clasping thingy you did to get more flexible. But power posture is actually a way to quickly change our self confidence. Body language changes how the …

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Work in your Strength- One Minute with Jay

Some of us experience so much frustration at work after taking advice from a manager that recommends we move into a particular area or job. Or somewhere down the line, we took advice from someone that had great intentions but didn’t know our potential. This …

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Out with the past in with the

You may ask yourself why did he not finish the heading “Out with the past in with the?” In with the what? The New? Nope.

In with dream. I cannot say in with new because your dream is nothing new. It has always been inside of you, just buried under a bunch of stuff.

Stuff like: other people’s expectations, family expectations, what your wife agrees with, what hubby thinks, what your friends think is acceptable.

So much so that you forgot to dream. Forgot who you are and why you were placed here. Maybe you never really thought about it at all because you always followed what you saw other people around you do.

I’m not trying to beat you up. I want you to Dream again or dream for the first time.

Where can you have the most impact? What the things you are good at?

Do you have some ideas in your head? Good. Now combine them. How can you use what comes the most easily to you to affect the most people in a positive way?

This is the first step to finding out who you really are.

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Advice has to come from experience

This video is for all of those people that are trying to achieve something that maybe bigger than them.

You speak with family or close friends that don’t always share your vision or even understand you.

I get it.

Remember that people can only give you what they have personally learned and experienced. So their advice or lack of it (or even lack of support) is not a reflection of love.

You may be speaking to the wrong folks.

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How to set a new year resolution

How to set a new year resolution

I am not in favor of massive new year resolutions where you save the world, end world hunger and get the girl of your dreams all in one year.

Maybe you can accomplish one of those but all three? Come on now…it ain’t happening.

Try not to bite off more than you can chew. Take one or two things you really want to improve and work on them exclusively.

I almost want to tell you to only pick one major resolution, then plan to build the habit of improving once a week. If you are really brave schedule once a week and increase the days each week.

Just something to think about.


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