Special Announcement Part 2

With every life changing event I learn something new about myself and those around me.

Make sure you are learning, even in the midst of any struggle. You should ask: “what in the world should I be learning from this?”

I think the reason why I have been able to adapt to many things that should have broken me is because I try to squeeze the positive out of the situation.

Mannnn, I could have fallen apart while I watched the tears well up in my wife’s eyes right after the doctors told her she could be infertile.

But instead I noticed that the tears built up and did NOT roll up her rose colored cheeks. I imagine her telling the tear ducts “nope not today.”


And in seeing that…I knew we would be okay. I somehow knew the doctors were wrong. I knew my 2nd child was on the way.

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Teachers Quitting Teaching- At an Alarming Rate- One Minute with Jay

 I am shocked at how many teachers are leaving their jobs or should I say how many have left in 2018. What scares me is if this trend continues. Who will teach my daughter? My future kids? Without wise teachers I would not have …

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How to set a new year resolution

How to set a new year resolution

I am not in favor of massive new year resolutions where you save the world, end world hunger and get the girl of your dreams all in one year.

Maybe you can accomplish one of those but all three? Come on now…it ain’t happening.

Try not to bite off more than you can chew. Take one or two things you really want to improve and work on them exclusively.

I almost want to tell you to only pick one major resolution, then plan to build the habit of improving once a week. If you are really brave schedule once a week and increase the days each week.

Just something to think about.


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How to get your passion back- One Minute with Jay

When you are making positive improvements and then it suddenly feels like you hit a brick wall… and I mean hard.

This is a scary place to be because it’s like someone has deflated your balloon and you are back to square one. Back on the ground when you were flying high.

Here’s how to get your passion back: do it again. This may seem over simplistic but you get the energy to do the thing by doing the thing.

Passion is perseverance. So do it again. Do exactly what helped you to get results. The passion will resurface as you work through your setback.

And I believe this holds true for anything in your life as long as you love it.

The perfect example is the relationship with my mom. We are pretty close but it wasn’t always that way.

There were times where she didn’t understand my choices of girlfriends (neither did I but I will never admit that to her), hobbies, or even my profession.

This strained our relationship to the point where we didn’t speak for months. She’s stubborn and at that time…well genetics…you know? I had a little touch of that too.

But eventually I caved and we began to talk once a week for about 10 minutes. Over time that expanded until the relationship was repaired. We both had enough love remaining in our hearts to try again.

Maybe this is not your story but you have loss some passion towards your girlfriend, spouse, honey dip, boo thang.

I find that familiarity can also create distance in a relationship emotionally. Routine can make you less excited with seeing them everyday.

Especially when kids get involved. You know that as soon as you walk in from work you are on diaper duty or toy patrol.

With every other responsibility, you forget what brought you together…the love.

Maybe it’s time to take boo thang out on a date like you used too. Do it again.

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Your habits are who you are- One Minute with Jay

Your habits are who you are. Your personality is made up of what you do regularly. If you show me what you do every day then I can show you who you are as a person.

The people you hang around, your friends, your family, your acquaintances, all make up or at least influence the person you will be. Yes! But I’d like to go a little bit deeper…

What type of people do you hang around? Are these people considered mentors to you? Are they teachers? Do you actually value their advice? For me it’s less about the people you hang around and more about the quality of people you hang around/the purpose of you hanging around them.

When you spend time with these mentors or teachers do you spend more time asking for advice or taking advice? Are you seeking their advice? Or do you spend more time just talking about yourself, your problems and your issues?

A leader goes through a few different phases one being the phase of not wanting any advice, then the phase of wanting advice but not seeking it, followed by seeking advice but not listening to it, and finally heeding the advice of wise individuals.

I can easily tell where you fall on the leadership scale simply by observing while someone is trying to teach or mentor you.

Just something to think about 🙂

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