Quotes always improving- Why being your best matters

hard hard, under construction

I dug up a couple quotes on always improving. Each one highlights why being your best matters. “If one does not constantly improve, one stays behind. People must always stay on top of their game, whether through forward thinking or innovative actions. We live in …

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Ways preventing stress- One minute with Jay

Today’s video is called Ways preventing stress. This is an installment of my One minute with Jay series. Sometimes people, family, the job or all the above just get under your skin. I have been there too many times to count. But believe it or …

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Realistic Vs Unrealistic Expectations- One Minute with Jay

realistic vs unrealistic expectations on a timeline

 Your level of disappointment is tied to your realistic vs unrealistic expectations. Sometimes we place too much within a short timeline, when we could do the opposite. I’m on a weight loss kick this week so let’s continue that theme. I see Facebook posts …

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How to stay focused in your goals especially in tough times

live your dream theunboundblog

How to stay focused IN your goals and not just on your goals sounds a little weird at first but let me explain. Your goals have to live in you not on you. If you can picture your desires as a coat or t-shirt then …

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