Special Announcement Part 2

With every life changing event I learn something new about myself and those around me.

Make sure you are learning, even in the midst of any struggle. You should ask: “what in the world should I be learning from this?”

I think the reason why I have been able to adapt to many things that should have broken me is because I try to squeeze the positive out of the situation.

Mannnn, I could have fallen apart while I watched the tears well up in my wife’s eyes right after the doctors told her she could be infertile.

But instead I noticed that the tears built up and did NOT roll up her rose colored cheeks. I imagine her telling the tear ducts “nope not today.”


And in seeing that…I knew we would be okay. I somehow knew the doctors were wrong. I knew my 2nd child was on the way.

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Love Patient Love Kind

Signs that your Relationship is Healthy

  1. You argue but there is way more cooperation to make the dynamic between the two of you work when you really sit and consider it all.
  2. The have separate ambitions goals which you help each other achieve AND you have collective goals to grow yourselves as a couple or family.
  3. There is trust. Like real trust. If he is going out with the boys you know that’s where he really is. If she tells you that he is just a friend, you don’t stalk his Facebook looking for incriminating pictures…or go through her phone.
  4. You can speak your mind freely without judgement. Some people avoid speaking just because of how their feelings were shot down in past relationships. If you can’t express yourself, your relationship may not be a safe harbor.
  5. When you do argue you are able to let it roll off your back. You understand that one disagreement isn’t as important as being a unit. SO you cool off (quickly) and figure out how to move forward.
  6. I guess #5 ties into compromising. No relationship is successful without a lot of compromise. On both sides. I no longer fight with my wife about the color of the curtains in the kitchen if she wants silver drapes…okay fine. Just don’t put them in my man cave (it’s more of an empty room with books but it’s MY empty room).
  7. Space is given when needed. I personally don’t believe in “breaks.” If you need a break then you might as well move on if you’re with me. But I do believe in giving time to so the other person can re-energize and do some self caring. This includes going to the gym separately when needed, reading, meditation, shopping alone.
  8. There is equality. I’m a pretty opinionated/focused person. But I can’t afford to treat anyone without respect and not listen to other opinions.
  9. You give. That’s it. I used to give, when I was dating in order to influence the girl or demonstrate that the type of salary I have. I would give really expensive gifts…so you know I’m not broke or cheap. Now I give not expecting anything in return. It’s just fun to give. I find that giving cannot exist where there is no love.
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Power Posture- Quick way to boost Confidence

power pose theunboundblog.com

For the longest time I thought that a power pose was some kind of yogi-bent over awkwardly-hands behind the back-clasping thingy you did to get more flexible. But power posture is actually a way to quickly change our self confidence. Body language changes how the …

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Work in your Strength- One Minute with Jay

Some of us experience so much frustration at work after taking advice from a manager that recommends we move into a particular area or job. Or somewhere down the line, we took advice from someone that had great intentions but didn’t know our potential. This …

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