The leader among leaders

You have to be ready to stand alone, if you are fighting for what you feel is right, fair, equitable. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have support or that you won’t pick up supporters along the way. It means that you may be the …

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Your destiny is Calling

It’s nice to make a ton of money. It’s nice to work on interesting projects or build your professional career. I have done all the above. Well… the ton of money not so much but I did just increase my pay by 3.5% (listen that’s …

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Keeping Perspective during Distraction

There are many things that attempt to pull my attention away from my purpose. Things such as Bills People who don’t understand why I keep working the way I do despite challenges I guess that ties into other people’s opinions But I am comforted in …

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There is always…ALWAYS

There is always time. Time for yourself, time for your family, time left to achieve what you want. Competition is a distraction. We get so caught up in competing that we forget that whatever is for us is waiting for us to find it. No …

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Special Announcement Part 2

With every life changing event I learn something new about myself and those around me.

Make sure you are learning, even in the midst of any struggle. You should ask: “what in the world should I be learning from this?”

I think the reason why I have been able to adapt to many things that should have broken me is because I try to squeeze the positive out of the situation.

Mannnn, I could have fallen apart while I watched the tears well up in my wife’s eyes right after the doctors told her she could be infertile.

But instead I noticed that the tears built up and did NOT roll up her rose colored cheeks. I imagine her telling the tear ducts “nope not today.”


And in seeing that…I knew we would be okay. I somehow knew the doctors were wrong. I knew my 2nd child was on the way.

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