Bob Proctor believes that there is magic in your mind. There is magic in developing your inner mental faculties which help to bring you success in your life.

Magic in your mind is a 6 week program full of affirmation techniques, Mp3s and videos that will not only grow your awareness but program your mind for success by reprogramming your subconscious. You see there are non-useful thoughts and useful thoughts. Depending on what your mind has on repeat, you will either move closer to being mediocre or being exceptional.

This program focuses on giving you an audio lesson each week covering one of the six major mental faculties and pushing you into your exceptionalness (yes I made that up). You will learn what each faculty actually is and what you can do to strengthen it. In turn, you will be improving the abundance in your life.

In the six weeks, you will transform as you change the on-going conversation in your brain to actual thoughts that exist on the level with where you want to be and what you what to have.

Below is a video where Bob himself describes the program.

  • Product: Magic in Your Mind
  • Price: $497
  • Recommendation For: Anyone that is serious about changing their life for the better and learning from the foremost authority in personal development.
  • My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

My Conclusion

I warn anyone that thinks just listening to the audio alone will create the change you want. If you are just planning on listening then this will be a waste of money. If you just want to inactively watch or listen then your local movie theater would be a much cheaper option. You will have to actively participate in each lesson.

Also, the only real downside is that the program features Sandy Gallagher who is Bob’s partner and also Mary Morrissey. Sandy’s presentation isn’t always as enthusiastic as Bob’s but still very informative. Mary is keen on spirituality, psychology as well as self-help. I don’t want any of that to catch you by surprise, just in case you were expecting Bob by himself.

If you desire to be successful, have not yet cracked the code on how to expand into the person you truly want to be, and understand that it takes more than just positive thinking but using the thinking to create permanent change within your subconscious mind….Then this is the program for you.

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Bob Proctor utilizes over 50 years of experience in studying self improvement around the world to create this fantastic program, alongside Sandy Gallagher. These two are responsible for bringing you many other law of attraction success programs as well as the Proctor Gallagher Institute itself.

In this particular program Bob and Sandy give you bite size information that will shift your paradigm. Now I say bite size because each video is only six minutes long but the bite is really a mouthful… The videos are packed with techniques that will help to make you more self aware of what negative habits are controlling the way you view yourself and knock down the wall that is preventing you from being the most successful version of yourself.

Six Minutes to Success will help you remove the obstacles in your brain that discourage you, overcome many of your largest fears, and as a result master your outside world. You can drastically change your life quickly (think about what life can be like in 30 days or 90 days after learning from one of the best success teachers in the world).

In the video below Bob speaks about how his teachings release you from your prior thinking and the various areas of your life where this program can help you.

  • Product: Six Minutes to Success
  • Price: $1 for two week trial. Then $29.97 (Regular) or $99.97 (Premium)
  • Format: Video
  • Recommended For: Anyone that wants to improve their life drastically.
  • My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


  • The program will only take up six minutes of your time each morning. Every minute is jammed packed with information that will help you learn alot quickly. You will even still have time to workout, get the kids ready for school and grab a cup of coffee or tea before work (if you are like me and have a particular routine to get yourself going).
  • The price is relatively cheap to test it out to see if you are interested in the content. You can’t beat 2 weeks for only a dollar.
  • Bob does not speak over you head, each video is easy to understand and follow along.
  • If you are more visual or audio inclined this is the perfect choice with the videos. There is also a Mp3 that you can download too! So if you have to listen while saying running or in the gym or even washing dishes you can do it hands free.


  • You are paying for six minute videos and the price may be considered a little high.
  • You will not be able to get the MP3 or the workbook until you become a member.
  • Sandy conducts some of the videos. Her enthusiasm doesn’t always match Bob’s. However, that is a very difficult comparison. After all, he has been teaching this material since the 80’s.

My Conclusion

Bob captures plenty of depth and delivers powerful life changing techniques in six minutes. The knowledge he gives you honestly is worth more when you compare it to other development programs.

This program will help you achieve whatever goal you are seeking. My only caveat is that you have to be still and focused when you listen/watch the videos. Try to remove any distractions from around you prior to listening each day.

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